Branding health and sustainability

Vörda (Swedish for “to protect, to respect”) is a US-based brand committed to bringing high-quality, natural products sourced from Asia and Europe to the North American market. By North was commissioned to develop the name, brand strategy, visual identity and packaging for the new brand.
We developed a bespoke logotype with distinct features that comes to life in animations. Combined with an active colour-palette, an expandable pattern based on geometric shapes, crisp typography and a generous amount of white space, the visual identity comes across as playful without compromising its promise of high-end, healthy products.

The flexibility of the identity means it can be applied to numerous products and types of packaging without compromising the coherency of the brand.
In keeping with Vörda’s commitment to natural, healthy and sustainable products with minimal impact on the environment, all packaging and brand applications utilizes recyclable materials.