Sol del Mediterraneo

New life to a classic

Sol Del Mediterrano Moscato is a sweet white wine produced in Valencia, Spain. Its flowerful aromas makes it a perfect accompaniment to cheeses, desserts or as an aperitif on a sunny afternoon.
When by north was given the task with redesigning the brand, its sale was suffering from a design that felt over-worked, fragmented and without a clear focal point. The qualities of the wine was not communicated to potential buyers in a convincing way.

Through our redesign, we tried to capture the feeling of a lazy, sun-drenched day on the Mediterranean coast. We achieved this through the use of a bespoke pattern reminiscent of hand-made tiles from the area, in an earthy, natural color. Paired with a classic serif-font rendered in gold foil, generous amounts of negative space and a new, transparent bottle (previously the bottle was frosted) the new design complements the golden color of the wine, and tells the story of warm, sociable days on the Mediterranean coast.