Clearifying Safety

Restech was established in 1989 in Bodø around the invention of the Pneumatic Line Thrower, the PLT®. Today the company’s PLT’s are used globally both on sea and land. They have become known for their operational efficiency and safety. The PLT’s have been tested in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

In a market with high requirements Restech saw the need for a clearer communication for their global expansion. Since Restech operates in a conservative market we wanted to keep the elements from their old identity. By simplifying and structuring the elements the identity is cleaner and more recognizable. To distinguish Restech from the crowd we created a byline setup that serves as a easily recognizable and strong signature.


Alongside the new identity we have designed and developed a new website. In a growing catalogue of components and parts they saw the need for an easy-to-use website to be used all over the world and on different devices. The website should serve both new and existing customers. For new customers it was important for them to easily find information about the different products. This was achieved with a static side menu highlighting Restech’s main product series. One of the other key features was the ability to quickly find products and parts for existing customers. This was achieved with an interactive filtering solution.

The website consists of text and image modules, a filtering feature, product preview tiles, and product pages. We created a product list feature where the customers can add products to a cart and e-mail the selected products to Restech or/and themselves.