Atelier & workshop

Nōua is an atelier based in Bodø, run by the artists Marianne Bjørnmyr and Dan Mariner. As well as being Marianne and Dan’s workplace, Nōua is also a meeting place and a studio focusing on photography. Through exhibitions, workshops, and lectures the goal is to bring attention to contemporary photography.

Our response to Marianne and Dan’s request for a fitting identity for Nōua was to develop a dynamic and scalable identity system, which is easy to maintain and adapts to different platforms and messages without compromising its clarity. Based on a custom logotype, the identity can be subtle and let the art take centre stage. It can also be playful and act as a focal point of the identity, for instance through animations, or as a starting point for Nōua’s bespoke icon set.


Dan Mariner, Noua