Say hello to Bjørn

Strengthening our sustainable focus

Say hello to Bjørn, the latest addition to the studio. Bjørn is an industrial designer with fifteen years of experience in the field of structural packaging, both from the client side (for companies like Tine, Jordan and Lilleborg) as well as running his own studio.
In his own practice, he’s been working from a holistic perspective, helping clients develop sustainable solutions that take into consideration environmental impact, cost and logistics efficiency and user friendliness. In short, looking at the complete value chain of packaging from production to end user.

After working with Bjørn on some of those projects, we saw an opportunity to join forces, and offer our clients a holistic approach to identity and packaging, with a strong focus on sustainability and environmental footprint, as the demand for positive change is growing among consumers.
Have a look at some of the projects Bjørn have been working on before joining by north.