DOGA brand award 2017

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Pastry chef Craig Alibone has obtained a packaging solution of high international class. Now the company is awarded the DOGA brand award 2017.

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The prestigious award is awarded to Craig Alibone and the design agency by north Wednesday afternoon at Design and Architecture Norway (DOGA) in Oslo.

In May 2016, Englishman Craig Alibone started producing and selling handmade chocolate in downtown Bodø. The confectioner specializes in cakes and chocolates of the highest grade, but soon realized that he lacked a visual identity that matched the handmade delights. With the help of the design studio by north, also from Bodø, he has now put in place a packaging design that highlights and makes room for the tasty products.

"It's great to see small businesses go as thoroughly to work like this. Not only did they make a good wrapping paper, but they took the time to develop a profile that tells a story about crafts and dedication. In summary, this is simply a very successful job for a small local player, but now it looks like he owns the whole world. You simply want to taste"

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The DOGA brand, which until last year was called “The Award for Design Exellence”, is awarded annually to Norwegian architectural and design projects. The award promises businesses and practitioners who have collaborated on innovative projects where design and architecture create social, environmental or economic values.

“This year, we received almost 300 applications for the DOGA brand award, and as many as 49 satisfied the high demands of the jury. The recipients of the year are examples and evidence of the high level of design and architecture subjects in Norway, says Thea Mehl, project manager for DOGA’s prizes.

Design and architecture Norway (DOGA) is a foundation under the Ministry of Food and Fisheries and part of the government’s instrument for enhancing innovation. DOGA is a driving force for sustainable value creation through design and architecture and facilitates collaboration between practitioners and businesses, experimenting with new solutions and disseminating insight and learning.