About us

Strategic branding & design

by north™ is a design studio in Bodø, Norway. We focus on brand identity and packaging. Together with our clients, we take a strategic approach to developing memorable, cogent and coherent brands. We believe that good design equals good business.


— Visual Identity / Brand Strategy / Naming
— Packaging Design / Structural Packaging Development
— Art Direction / Editorial Design
— Service Design / Wayfinding / Signage
— Web Design / E-Commerce / Web Development
— Photography / Product Photography

Our process

From start to finish

Defining the project
We start our projects by getting all the details in place together with our clients. We find that signing off on the scope of supplies, deadlines, budgets, and expectations before starting the creative work gives us a better understanding of the project and the clients’ expectations.

Gathering knowledge
Research is an integral part of our preparations for the creative process. To the extent necessary for the project, we want to know our client, their business and the world they operate in.

Developing solutions
Our creative process starts out with a broad scope; we try various ideas, explore possibilities, prototype, and iterate. We discuss, make choices and sometimes we kill darlings to end up with two or three different solutions that we present to the client. After the client has chosen a direction, we adjust and optimize the preferred solution until it meets both the client’s and our expectations.

Launching the project
After the sign off on the creative work, we focus on the implementation and launch of the project. We produce brand assets and packaging, develop websites and communication material. In short; make sure all touch points for the project executes in the best possible way. We also help our clients with PR and media related to the launch.

Evaluation and development
We tend to consider our projects as our babies, and we take pride in helping them grow further. After launching a project, we think it is essential to evaluate the result. Not only to define our strong points but to determine if and where there is need to adjust. No brand exists in a vacuum, which means there is always room for development.