Fusion of tradition and technology

Norwegians love their cabins, so naturally pre-fabricated cabins are big business in Norway, and Røroshytta is a serious contender. Together with SINTEF they’ve developed a log knot which combines traditional artisan crafts with modern technology. Our task was to convey this fusion of tradition and technology through a new logo with an accompanying visual identity, website, an exclusive portfolio of photography and a tone of voice for their communication.

The heart of the solution is a bespoke logotype based on a traditional sans-serif but with a few modern twists. The particular shade of red which is used through the identity is derived from an old, traditional color of paint, which actually is called “Røros red”. Since Røroshytta has high quality, detailed renderings of all their products, the photo-bank focuses on the good feeling you get when spending a weekend at your home away from home, and the people at Røroshytta who take great pride in their work.