Party of the year

Parken is our local pride, a music festival that has taken place in Bodø since 2006. So far it’s featured artist such as N.E.R.D, Suede, Nick Cave, Band of Horses, Iggy Pop, The Roots, Robyn, Kygo and Röyksopp to name a few. Parken approached us to develop a new visual identity that could reflect the size and importance of the festival. It had to be highly recognizable but flexible to make sure the festival looks relevant in years to come. The identity was launched in 2014, and we have been working with Parken since, updating the identity every year. To get this flexibility without compromising the recognisability the identity takes a typographic approach, using the negative shapes within and between letters to create graphic shapes which becomes the building blocks for each years visual expression. This combined with a new color palette and supporting typography every year, makes for a flexible and expressive yet highly recognisable identity.