Glasshytta Vikten

The Magical Glasshut

Northern Norway’s first glassblowing workshop was opened at Vikten in Lofoten in 1976 by Åsvar Tangrand. Today the workshop is run by Åsvars son, Anders, in a wonderful building on the beach at Vikten. The workshop needed a visual identity to communicate their activities and products to the millions of tourists that visit Lofoten each year. Given the nature of the place and the products of Vikten we developed an identity that focuses on craftsmanship and history through the use of recycled paper, embossing and other tactile elements. The brand photography shows of the work that goes into crafting Glasshyttas products, as well as the beauty of the finished products. Central to the identity is the symbol “Lofotruna”, originally designed by Åsvar in the early seventies.