Proud beer localism

Bådin is a craft brewery located in Bodø, dedicated to brewing high quality beer for the domestic market. When started in 2012 by six beer-loving friends the idea was that “every city needs a soccer team and a brewery to be a proud city. We have the soccer team, now we are gonna give the city a brewery they can be proud of”.

Working with them since the start, we set out to design a flexible identity that makes it possible to produce endless label-varieties by changing colour and type. the name Bådin is derived from an old version of the name Bodø, and each variety in the core series get their name from local places or stories, which gives each variety a strong identity. This way they can easily distinguish between different brews and series without diluting the Bådin brand. The design and varieties keeps evolving with every brew that is made, giving us endless opportunities to play with different combinations of type and color.